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“Debut children’s picture book from siblings Keith and Chenoa Egawa, of Lummi and S’Klallam ancestry. Tani, a young Native American girl sets out on a journey to discover the heart of the world. Although Tani’s tribe is never specified, it’s clearly part of the same Pacific Northwest culture as the authors’, which adds authenticity and credibility to their portrayal. The authors’ unique voice makes the book a worthwhile addition to any child’s bookshelf. Vibrant illustrations and a rare perspective bring life to this questing tale."  Kirkus (read the full review)

“A deeply wise and enchanting story. In the tradition of the Spirit Quest, Keith and Chenoa Egawa’s, Tani's Search for the Heart, is absolutely top notch. But it is far more than a mere story for children. It is the real life quest of us all now as we search for the Heart of Things together, encouraged by the words of the magical Stick Indian, 'Be strong. The future is coming.'”  Paul Owen Lewis, author of Storm Boy

Tani's Search for the Heart is a magical fable whose power lies not just in its wonderfully conceived and illustrated storytelling, but in its essential wisdom.”  Eric Watson, Filmmaker of Pi, Requiem For a Dream and The Fountain

“Keith and Chenoa Egawa's story of Tani is a beautifully told, vivid reminder of a world to which modernity has deafened most of us. Like Tani, we need capable friends to renew our hearing. The voices are still there, if only we can learn again to listen.”  Bryn Barnard, Author and illustrator of Dangerous Planet, Outbreak, and The Genius of Islam

"This is a wonderful children's book that draws from traditional Native American wisdom and teachings. It is based on the ancient premise that storytelling is teaching and that stories heal. The little girl, Tani, learns from the people around her, the animals who guide her, and the spirit within her. I found it a rich portrayal of a young Native American's efforts to achieve traditional teachings in a modern world; and thus it is relevant to parents, teachers, and children of any age." Roger Fernandes, Traditional Native American Storyteller and Artist


“You are clearly a determined child, but you must accept my help, for bravery will not get you across these marshes. A capable friend is what you need now.”