Tani's Search For The Heart

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Tani's Search for the Heart is a children's book written and illustrated by Keith and Chenoa Egawa. The book tells the story of Tani, a young Coast Salish girl, exploring the mystery of one’s purpose and place in the world. Following the death of her grandmother, Tani embarks on a journey through the forests of the Pacific Northwest, abiding by her grandmother’s instructions to find “the heart of all things.” Along the way, Tani is helped by animals such as Bear and Otter, the magical Stick Indian, and the spirit of her departed grandmother. Overcoming challenges of the landscape, as well as her own self-doubt, Tani begins to awaken the special gifts and wisdom within her. As Tani finds the heart, young readers learn about the First Peoples, the creatures and fauna of the Pacific Northwest. At the same time, they explore qualities of character such as self-confidence, respect for nature, and courage in the face of uncertainty, as well as positive ways of coping with grief and loss. Tani’s quest reminds us of the ever-increasing need to preserve our environment, fostering a mutual respect for that which sustains us all.

You can learn more about the book, read sample pages, and watch a video about the book. Our book is also available on Amazon.com, in paperback and Kindle formats.

Chenoa and Keith are also available to conduct presentations to students. If you represent a school or other organization that would like us to present to your students, or you would like to purchase our book, you can contact us through our Facebook page or email at keithegawa@yahoo.com and chenoaegawa@hotmail.com.

We hope the images and voices of this story entertain and enlighten. 

— Keith & Chenoa



"The heart of the world. The heart of the people. The heart of all that lives. That is what you will find on this journey."