Alex Turtle

Alex Turtle is Navajo from Arizona and Southern Cheyenne from Oklahoma. He was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. Navajo is his first language. On his Cheyenne side he comes from the Turtle family through a lineage of chiefs. In the 1800s his great grandparents on the Turtle side received and carried one of the seven ceremonial fireplaces that formed the foundation for the Native American Church. Both sides of his family have worked and lived with their medicine ways for many generations and are known throughout the country for their work. Alex had the great blessing of being raised by his Diné grandparents, and was taught to carry forth the wisdom from both sides of the family. His is a gifted ceremonial leader and traditional healer, whose kindness, warmth, patience, humor, and depth of heart are always felt through his work. He is open-minded, open hearted, and generous, always willing to go outside the parameters of his own teachings, acknowledging other perspectives and ways of knowing to ultimately bring healing and understanding to people of all backgrounds. He is also a singer, drummer, composer, and recording artist.