The Water Song

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The Water Song was composed by Alex Turtle, Diné (Navajo) and Southern Cheyenne, and Chenoa Egawa, Lummi and S’Klallam. It is sung in the Diné language and carries one of our Native teachings about the blessing of the spirit of water through the male and female rains. 

Through this song, we remember and honor the spirit and sacredness of water. We lend our voices to stand up for the protection and preservation of clean, pure water in all its forms and states of being. By way of the images shared in the video, we hope to illustrate the beauty and miracle of water, from the thunderclouds and highest snowy mountain peaks, to the waterfalls, rivers, springs and oceans. May the song be received as medicine for our Mother Earth. May it call our attention, once again, to the brilliant journey and wisdom of water as it travels our world, renewing, revitalizing, and giving of itself all along the way. May we all come together to acknowledge and reciprocate the generosity and care we receive each day from our sacred waters. May our awareness, stewardship and actions ensure clean water for today, and for generations to come.

We acknowledge, with immense gratitude, the teachings shared with us by our elders and our ancestors. Knowledge of the sacredness of water, and many other vitally important and poignant teachings about life have been kept alive to this day in certain places upon our Mother Earth. Most often this wisdom has been kept alive among indigenous peoples, who are continuously striving to maintain our languages, cultures, and ways of life that honor living in balance with ourselves, one another and the natural world. 

We give thanks to Whiteshell Haskie of the Diné Nation, for participating in this video and representing the hopes we have for our younger generations. May all the children of our Mother Earth be able to grow up with teachings that strengthen their ability to understand the sacredness of water and the interconnectedness of all life. And may they always remember to live with hope, awareness, gratitude, respect and great care for all life in each and every moment, fully awake.